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about your relationship with


Helping YOU to see that it all begins with awareness & courage. One small step at a time.

Hello and a Very Warm Welcome   

It's really great to connect with you and share what I have found to be incredibly helpful in my personal journey around my relationship with alcohol.


How would you like to go on a journey with me?

A journey of exploration about you?


It takes courage to face things about ourselves.

Do you have the courage to at least get a little bit curious?


I find that when we are a little bit curious and open to possibility thats all it can take to start the ball rolling.

If we aren’t afraid and we can just take the next step in front of us the universe will meet us half way.


I work with my clients in a different way to most addiction therapists.

I help you to uncover the deeper truth of who you are. 

I help you to see that you are whole & complete. 

It is a relaxed, gentle approach.

An exploration.

Fun & light hearted, yet offering extremely huge benefits.


There is a lot less for us to do than we believe, and without the pressure being all on us we can achieve great things. Magic happens when we let go and trust.


I would LOVE to get to know YOU

I am Lucy...

 I run everything here at Dare2b Sober headquarters.

Below is an interview of me sharing my story and recent insights around my relationship with alcohol.

And how I overcame the struggles of being addicted to alcohol for 23 years.


I have been working with clients since moving to Devon 2 years ago. Helping them to recover their inner peace. Helping them to see they have everything they need inside them. This approach is a gentle look at why we drink, why we reach out to make ourselves feel better with poisonous substances.


8 Years ago I came across an understanding of the mind that blew me away. I now spend my days sharing this with people. It is so rewarding to see peoples personal transformations.

How you can connect with me


I offer a FREE call with anyone who is interested in exploring their relationship with alcohol. I have paid mentoring programmes, group programmes and one to one, where you can work with me more closely and on a deeper level.

  • Mentoring

    30 day paid programmes which gently open your mind to where habits & addictions come from.

  • Books

    Here at Dare2bu we have published four books.

    They are all available on Amazon

  • 5 Day Free Exploration

    Sign up for my free 5 day exploration around your relationship with alcohol.

  • Free Call

    Contact me for a FREE call to see where you are at and if you would benefit from us working together.

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